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Fresh Nail Trends You Can Do Yourself at Home

French ManicureNail trends come and go as with every other element of fashion, and it can be a hassle going to the salon just to stay up on the latest trends. But what’s nice is that you can avoid this hassle and save some money in the process by doing the latest nail trends at home. From neutrals to neons, here are all the ways you can play up your nails this summer – and for every summer to come!

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Beauty Gifts for Christmas from Getting Personal

Fragrance BottlesFrom luscious fragrances in beautiful bottles peeking out from under to tree, to luxury makeup sets hidden within a stocking, Christmas is all about indulgence and spoiling our loved ones. Beauty gifts at Christmas are one of the most pampering presents we can send or receive. If you are intent in spoiling your loved one this Christmas with a personal and pampering gift then take a look at some of the must haves beauty Christmas gifts from Getting Personal.

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Beauty Monthly Subscriptions Services for Different Countries

Beauty ProductsBeauty subscriptions are a great way to test out different beauty products for a small cost each month. Prices vary from service to service, and the products offered are high-end products or those that are customer favorites, regardless of price. Not all subscription services are available to each country, but most nations do have their own service.

Some examples of well known beauty subscription services are as follows:

  • Birchbox for the United States ($10/month)
  • LuxeBox for Canada ($12/month or $36/3 months)
  • Carmine Beauty Box for UK and Ireland (£10/month + shipping)
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Licorice : Health Benefits & Precautions

Licorice RootContrary to what people think, licorice isn’t just the delicious black candy that comes in the form of chewy ropes or jelly beans. It’s also an important plant that’s used herbally for a number of illnesses. Furthermore, this plant produces blue flowers perennially and adds color to a garden.

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Seven Safe, Simple Steps for Preventing & Treating Acne

Acne CareWhat causes acne? If we had a simple answer, then acne would be like the measles – basically a thing of the past! But because acne is influenced by many factors, we don’t have one miracle shot or pill. In most cases, acne is best treated holistically: You need to take your whole mind and body experience into account. What does that mean? Read our tips for a great acne solution!

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Skin Care for Post Laser Hair Removal

Hairless & Smooth BodyPeople grow increasingly tired of the tediousness involved with facial and body hair upkeep, turning to cosmetic technologies like laser hair removal to free up their grooming routines. While effective, it can still be difficult to eradicate hair from an area forever; hair that continues to grow back will do so much slower and finer than before. Aside from the occasional side effects of swelling and increased sensitivity to the treated areas, preventing further irritation is the key to a successful recovery. The following is a list of things to do, and not to do, to make your skin’s healing process as painless as possible.

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Style Tips: Get the Celebrity Look

With so many celebrities to watch and follow it can be hard to find a style that suits you. Whether it’s a hair do or an outfit that catches your eye, if you use a celebrity as a style icon make sure to add a twist to make the look your own. Here are two-drop dead gorgeous celebs and a quick guide on how to get their look.

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Benzoyl Peroxide: Uses & Cautions

Acne ProblemBenzoyl peroxide is used in a number of household products that clean and whiten. It’s also considered a medication and is used for treating skin issues. Benzoyl peroxide can be found in pharmacies or in the medication section of your supermarket. In some cases, your doctor will prescribe a more potent amount of benzoyl peroxide that can’t be bought over the counter.

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Nail Care Tools – Must-Have Tools for at-Home Manicure & Pedicure

Manicure & Pedicure ToolsFingernails and toenails have a major impact on first impressions and personal hygiene, which is why nail salons are so successful. Salons are great if you can afford to pay someone to do the maintenance on your nails; however, the cost can really add up if you pay for both a manicure and pedicure.

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Special Event Checklist

Beautiful LookFor some people, there are plenty of special events that happen throughout the year such as weddings, first dates, birthday parties and vacations. Some of these special events are planned months in advance, while others are unexpected and last minute. As for the latter, these events can cause lots of stress – even in regards to the littlest of details. So in order to help with these stressful situations, here is a list of things that’ll ease the anxiety of getting ready for special events.

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