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15 Unique Uses for Baby Oil

Baby OilAs most people know, baby oil is most commonly used on babies; however, the uses do not stop there. In fact, baby oil uses include everything from untangling jewelry to avoiding stretch marks.
Luckily, baby oil is an inexpensive product, and manufacturers are now making it in a variety of scents. You can find baby oil in a few different places including grocery stores, which makes it convenient to purchase and even easier to find. Now on to the unique uses for this product!

Baby Oils Uses

  1. Ease Pain from Bandages
    If the thought of yanking a bandage off of your skin makes you cringe, then try using baby oil to soften the sting. What you need to do is rub your bandage with baby oil around the edges and on top of the areas that have adhesive. This is great for anyone with sensitive skin, or for small children who react poorly to pain.
  2. Scented Bath Oil
    Create your own warm, scented oil bath. All you need is baby oil, your favorite perfume and a tub of warm water. Add a couple drops of your favorite perfume to one-fourth cup of baby oil in a small container. Shake the mixture very well, and then add it to your bath water. After you’ve soaked for a while, your skin will be soft and scented.
  3. Shine Your Golf Clubs
    This is a tip for the man of the house. Instead of spending money on cleaning kits for your golf clubs, use baby oil to buff them up after your golf rounds. Keep a bottle of baby oil and a towel in your golf bag for easy access.
  4. Remove Rings with Ease
    If you have problems getting jewelry off of your fingers when they swell up in hot weather, then try using baby oil to help slide them off. Just apply baby oil to the areas around your ring, and then rotate the ring to help spread the oil underneath. It will be easy to remove the ring once you have the area lubricated.
  5. Remove Dings on Your Dashboard
    Every car is prone to a few scratches on the dash, but usually the scratches stay there until they become part of the car “décor”. Well, you don’t have to grow accustom to those dings in your speedometer anymore; just use a little baby oil to buff the scratches away.
  6. Use as Paint Remover (on skin)
    If you’ve ever felt like being creative with latex paint, then you’ve probably gotten it on your skin. Grab something like a cotton ball, clean towel, paper towel, napkin, or something similar to absorb the baby oil. Then rub in circles on the area of skin that has paint, but be sure not to add too much pressure; think of the process as a massage. Once you have made some progress with the baby oil, scrub the rest off with soap and water.
  7. Quiet Squeaky Door Hinges
    Does your door squeak every time you open it? If it does, you could go spend a pretty penny on a can of oil that has only one use, or you could buy baby oil. Baby oil, as we’ve already discovered, has plenty of uses including fixing your squeaky door hinges! All you do is put a bit of baby oil in a spray bottle, aim and shoot.
  8. Untangle Jewelry
    If you have a problem with your small necklace chains getting tangled up in knots, then baby oil will be of great assistance when dealing with this problem. For tangled-up jewelry, dab a little baby oil on the chains, and use a straight pen to slowly work the knots out.
  9. Clear Waxy Buildup
    When wax builds up in your ears, it can be kind of hard to hear. So if you want a temporary fix for this hearing problem, use baby oil to relieve the symptoms. Warm a few drops of baby oil up, and then lay on your side with your ear facing up. Drop the warm baby oil down into your ear; then wait for a few minutes for the wax to dissolve. The last step is to drain the oil out of your ear onto a towel or into a sink; get the remaining wax out of your ear with warm water and a q-tip or cotton swab.
  10. Insulation
    If you live somewhere with cold weather, use baby oil as an extra layer of insulation for your body, and on skin that will be exposed to the weather like your hands, ears or neck. Just rub the oil on your skin, and it will help keep you a little warmer during the winter. It’s worth mentioning that putting oil on your face isn’t good for everyone since it can cause sensitive skin to react poorly.
  11. Heal Rough Skin
    Your heels and elbows are easily cracked and dry, which doesn’t look good on anyone. So what you need to do is massage baby oil onto your clean elbows daily. The best time to clean up rough skin on your heels is at night before bed; then put socks on before sleepng.
  12. Make Body Wash Last
    When you’re running low on body wash, you can make it last a little longer by adding some baby oil to the bottle. Continue to use the shower gel on a sponge or shower puff to rub onto the skin. You’ll have baby soft skin with little effort at all, and you’ll also save a trip to the store!
  13. Shaving Lubricant
    Baby oil is great when it comes to shaving because it’s highly moisturizing. When you’re using baby oil to shave your legs or underarms, always be careful if you are doing so in the shower. Baby oil creates a hazardous environment when mixed with water and can cause you to fall. Moving back to the bright side, since baby oil is oily, you’re able to use it without being in the shower, which saves on the water bill.
  14. Avoid Stretch Marks
    Women are always concerned about getting stretch marks on their bellies during pregnancy. A simple and inexpensive way of avoiding stretch marks on arms, bellies, or thighs is to saturate a cotton ball or pad with baby oil daily, and dab it all over your body. The sooner you begin this routine, the less likely you are to get stretch marks.
  15. Furniture Polish
    Wooden furniture can become dull over time, but all you need is a cotton ball and some baby oil to perk it back up. Use a cloth or towel to wipe the leftover oil off of the wood when you are finished.

Who knew that a little bottle of baby oil had so many uses? It’s almost as useful as duct tape when it comes to fixing things!

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