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Dealing With Insomnia: Truths and Myths

Dealing with InsomniaDuring sleep, the body regenerates – it’s well known truth. But there are some misunderstandings so we want to discuss them in this article, so you won’t have problems in dealing with insomnia.

Enjoy reading our 5 truths and myths about insomnia and sleep better every day.

If you have a good rest at night, you wake up full of energy and full of life – on the other hand, if you don’t rest good at night, you have problems with concentration and you’re tired during the day. If you’re dealing with insomnia problem for a while, your immune system starts to suffer and diseases may catch you.

5 Truths and Myths About Insomnia

  1. You will fall asleep faster, if you drink cup of warm milk
    Milk itself, doesn’t have any soporific properties. It was discovered however, that we fall asleep easier if we follow our before bed rituals, for example: go for a walk, take a warm bath, drink cup of warm milk and listen for 15 minutes to relaxing music. If we do something on daily basis just before bed time, our brain receives signal, that it’s time to sleep.
  2. Alcohol helps to fall asleep
    However, even one glass of wine as can help to fall asleep, the sleep itself may not be as deep as it should be, we tend to wake up in the night and in the morning we are not rested.
  3. Intensive exercise before sleep, will help fall asleep faster
    Regular exercise improves condition and help to fall asleep, however we should exercise at least 3 hours before sleep. Exercise raises temperature of the body, and it makes falling asleep more difficult.
  4. If you wake up in the night, you should wait until you’ll fall asleep again
    That’s not true. In this case, it’s better to read a book or go for a glass of water. If you wait in bed until you fall asleep again, may happen that you will become irritated and impatient, what will cause falling asleep even harder.
  5. It’s recommended to sleep longer during weekends, so you won’t have problems with falling asleep during the week
    That’s not true! Even if you have problems with sleep and you decide to sleep longer on weekends, you may experience problems with sleep during the week. It’s recommended for those who have insomnia problem, to try go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, including weekends.

Sleep and Insomnia
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