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How to Take Care of Your Feet

Woman Holding Her FootYou may think you don’t need to pay much attention to your feet. After all they are down there, inside shoes and doing fine, as long as the shoes are comfortable, of course. The truth of the matter is you do need to pay attention to your feet, because when something goes wrong and your feet are not comfortable in your shoes, or even barefoot, it may affect many aspects of your life.

Untreated problems sometime get worse and may become chronic condition which will require a long and complicated treatment.

When serious problems develop or occur, do not try to treat them by yourself. See a Podiatrist or go to the emergency room. People who suffer from diabetes have to take extra good care of their feet because of poor blood circulation and damage to the nerves (neuropathy). They might not feel small cuts and bruises.

Most people feel, at some point in the lives, a tingling, numbness or cramping sensation in their feet. It is mostly due to poor circulation and can be a temporary condition that goes away by itself. If you are sitting for a long time, wearing uncomfortable shoes or tight stockings and undergarments those can be reasons to feeling ‘cold feet’. Most of the time stretching the leg muscles and removing the restricting garment will help elevate the symptoms.

The best way to avoid trouble is to check your feet periodically and use preventive care. Here is some simple advice how to take good care of your feet:

Wash your feet daily. There is nothing more refreshing than washing your feet if you don’t have time to take a shower. If you shower in the morning, before going to work, try to wash your feet again when you come home. Leathering them up and washing the soap off should not take more than 2 minute and you’ll wash the dust of the day off and not bring it into your bed.

Give yourself a pedicure every two weeks. Moisturize the bottom of your feet. Massage your feet to help with the absorption of the cream and the blood flow. Do it as often as you remember, on top of doing it at the end of the pedicure.

If the bottoms of your feet are very dry and chopped, apply a thick layer of cream or petroleum jelly after the pedicure and wear cotton socks to bed. The next morning your feet will look and feel better.

Move your muscles a few times during the course of the day. Especially if you are required to sit in one place for long hours, at work or on a plane. Here are some simple exercises you can do without taking time off or letting anyone know you are exercising your feet:

Foot Exercises

  • Relax: Relax the foot, shake it a bit, and wiggle your toes.
  • Foot press: Take off your shoes, put your feet on top of each other. The bottom foot should press up, the upper press down. Change feet and do it again.
  • Tap toe: pretend you are pressing on a pedal with only your toes.
  • Foot circles: Rotate your feet clockwise a few times, than anti clockwise.
  • Toe writing: write the alphabet with your toes without moving the whole leg
  • Toe grip: try to pick up a pencil from the floor with your toes.

Having a proper hygiene, treating minor foot diseases like toenail fungus or athlete’s foot immediately are the basics for healthy feet. Periodic thorough examinations of the feet will prevent more serious problems from developing. Keeping your nails trimmed, feet moisturized and wearing comfortable shoes are the simple recipes for success.

And when feet are healthy and beautiful you can add color to the nails and draw attention to this beautiful feature of yours.

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