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Makeup Foundation Tips

Makeup Foundation SampleIf matched with your skin tone and skin type – makeup foundation is the base for perfect makeup. It gently hides skin’s imperfections, lightens and hydrates your skin.

Makeup foundation should be applied after cleansing your skin and application of skin care cream (if desired).

Choose your makeup foundation according to your skin needs. Foundation should not only even skin’s tone but it has to nurture your complexion as well.

Makeup Foundation by Age:

  • the youngest
    Just needs proper hydration or hydration with mattifying effects on oily parts of the face (mostly famous T-Zone: forehead, nose and chin). Mattifying foundations contain polymers and micro-sponges that absorbs the excess of sebum.
  • 30+ years
    It’s important to lighten and hide first signs of aging. Fluids contain small particles to hide small skin’s imperfections.
  • 40+ years
    Should look for products that help tighten the skin and hide skin’s blemishes (if after-sun spots are visible). Foundation should contain deeply moisturizing ingredients (glycerin, hyaluronic acid) and nourishing ingredients (Vitamins: A, C, E).

Makeup Foundation by Skin Type:

  • Dry skin
    It needs to be nourished and hydrated. Makeup foundation for dry skin may contain Vitamin E, which protects against free radicals. Foundation should have liquid consistency, so it can be easily applied with no need of rubbing in. Gently pat into your skin with your fingertips or with lightly moistened latex sponge starting from the center of your face outwards.
  • Sensitive skin
    It requires foundation which has no smell and have neutral pH. It will be proper for ladies with sensitive skin as the effect of allergies and rosacea.
  • Combination skin
    With previously mentioned T-zone (forehead, nose and chin – oily, other parts dry). For combination skin type you should buy so called “intelligent” foundation, which will mattify T-Zone areas and the same time hydrate your cheeks. It contains antibacterial substances and offers soothing properties. Recommended if it’s “second skin” type – light milk consistency (after application it’s almost invisible).
  • Oily skin
    Oily skin type likes liquid foundations with silicone particles. For oily skin it’s also good to use mattifying fluids with substances that absorb the excess of sebum and with herbal extracts, for example: sage and tea – that works great on enlarged pores. If there is any pimple or blackhead visible, firstly apply green antibacterial corrector.
  • Mature skin
    Mature skin will like lifting fluids, which tighten the skin and give it nice skin tone. To reduce wrinkles appearance and smooth fine lines – use foundation with mica (can’t be too much of it).
  • Dull complexion
    Dull and tired complexion needs lightening (for example: pearl pigments) and Vitamin C, which smooths your complexion and proVitamin B5 to soothe.

Makeup Tip:

If you have too thick or too dark fluid, you can mix it with moisturizing cream: just simply mix it in your hands and then apply onto your skin.

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