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Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

Beautiful Woman with Brown EyesThe color of the eyes and their meaning… How many discussion have been conducted on this subject? Some people feel that brown eyes show intelligence. Others believe blue eyes project glamor, and to be a famous actress you have to be blue eyed … Be that as it may, there is a lot you can do to bring out the beauty of any colored eyes. But if you have brown eyes, the following is all about you.

The term “brown eyes” includes a few shades in one bundle; The colors range from the very dark brown to the almost green, hazel eyes. So look deep into your own eyes to determine which shade of brown eyes you have.

The rule of thumb: Mornings and evenings require different kind of eye makeup, even though the color family can remain the same. The lighter colors will create a softer more natural appearance. Colors that are darker than your eyes will create a more dramatic look.

Make up Tips for Brown Eyes

  • Try not to wear dramatic eyeshadow during the day. You should match it, somewhat, to the style of the outfit you wear. The overall picture will leave a mark if all the components work together in unison. The devil, they say, is in the details.
  • There are very few limits to the color palette you can use. Grays, purples, violets and plums all look good with brown eyes. Even the metallic colors; the golds and the bronzes are a good match. You should match the colors to the tone of your skin.
  • Most experts recommend using 2-3 colors; dark, medium and light shadow to create an overall picture. The location of each of the colors depends on the shape of the eyes.
    For example: if the eyes are close together, a light color on the inside of the eyes and the bridge of the nose will make them look further apart. Deep set eyes will pop out if they are surrounded by light colors; pinks, silvers, golds.
  • The pairing of the colors is usually done for you by the cosmetics companies. Blend the colors well where they meet to create a progression of colors, not a contrast.
  • If you have hazel eyes you can make them look greener by wearing green eyeshadow. When it is combined with a green shade on the upper body, the eyes will look green.
  • The eyeliner can also be bronze, dark brown and even blue/violet. The darker the color of the eyeliner the more pronounced and restrictive it is.
  • Draw the eyeliner from the nose outward, just above the lash line. The bottom lid is eyelined only from the middle to the end.
  • A Q tip is very effective in blurring eyeliner lines to create more “smokey” effect.
  • You can achieve a smokey look by using grays and browns, blurring the lines a bit and using bronze or gold hues on the upper lid.
  • Some believe that plum colored eyeliner brings out the green in your eyes.
  • A soft pink, champagne, peach, and taupe colors will make brown eyes pop out.
  • Curl the lashes and apply a generous coat of mascara. Pay special attention to the outer corners.

Since the bronze age, women used Kajal (or kohl) as an eye makeup and as medicine to cure eye ailments. It used to be made of lead sulfide and other ingredients and was widely used in South Asia and Africa, where most of the women have brown eyes. It was believed to protect the eyes from the harmful rays of sun, and mothers used to apply it to infant eyes to strengthen the eyes and protect them from maladies.
It is usually applied to the inside of the eye on the edge of the lower lid. Today Kajal is made of lead free compounds. Using kajal makes the eyes look mysterious and intense and many soft eyeliner pencils go by the name kajal.

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