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Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

Woman Applying Eye ShadowWhile some people consider oily skin a blessing because of the anti-aging factor, others consider it a curse. Oily skin gives you a dull, lifeless color, pimples, and a shiny face. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy avoiding the oily face syndrome, but having the right makeup techniques will greatly improve your skin’s look. Here are some makeup tips for applying makeup to a shiny face.

Make Up Foundations, Powders, Blush and More for Oily Skin

Makeup Foundation:

  • Use a makeup foundation that is one shade lighter than your skin tone.
  • Use a foundation that has a matte finish so that your face doesn’t look shiny.
  • Don’t over-apply foundation. Less is more!
  • Never use your fingers to apply foundation!! It will put more oil onto your already oily face.
  • Only purchase foundations dedicated to oily skin.
  • Check some foundation tips.


  • Find a powder that is a shade lighter than your skin color.
  • Only use pressed powder with a matte finish because it’s made especially for oily skin.
  • Avoid rubbing off your foundation by applying powder lightly and not smoothing it over your skin.
  • Choose makeup powder that give you full coverage.
  • Re-apply your pressed powder throughout the day to keep the shine off of your face.


  • Use a blush that’s one shade lighter than the color you want your cheeks to be. If you want rosy red cheeks, use pink blush instead of red to avoid darkening of the skin due to oil.
  • Buy pressed powder blushes.
  • Use a brush every time you apply blush.
  • Never use your fingers to blend the blush on your cheeks.
  • Avoid using cream or liquid blushes because they heighten the shiny appearance of oily skin.

Eye makeup:

  • Always put foundation and powder on your eyelids before applying eye makeup.
  • Keep away from liquid eye liner to avoid any smearing.
  • Never apply eye shadow in the forms of liquid or cream.
  • Use an eye liner pencil, and follow up by putting eye shadow on top of it to prevent fading.
  • Only apply the pressed powder eye shadows to oily skin.

Make Up Application Tips:

  • Only buy makeup products dedicated to the treatment of oily skin.
  • Always use astringent with acetone before applying makeup so that the pores are closed.
  • Absorb the excess oil with blotting paper before applying makeup.
  • Don’t make your cheeks too colorful. Keep it simple and soft.
  • Don’t forget to touch up your powder every few hours throughout the day.

What Ingredients to Look For:

  • Only use foundations that have titanium dioxide, which is a natural sun protector.
  • Makeup containing serecite; this will reduce the appearance of pores and also help absorb oil. To absorb oil and reduce the appearance of pores, look for makeup with serecite.
  • Find foundations with kaolin clay to help control oil.
  • By using makeup with zinc oxide, you’re getting the benefits of an anti-inflammatory for your skin.
  • A great habit to get into is using a lavender water spray on your face throughout the day. It’s great for hydrating oily skin and also has antiseptic properties. Before applying makeup, you can first apply cucumber juice to improve the overall appearance, and achieve a better pH balance for your skin.

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