Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

Beautiful Woman with Brown EyesThe color of the eyes and their meaning… How many discussion have been conducted on this subject? Some people feel that brown eyes show intelligence. Others believe blue eyes project glamor, and to be a famous actress you have to be blue eyed … Be that as it may, there is a lot you can do to bring out the beauty of any colored eyes. But if you have brown eyes, the following is all about you.

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10 Eye Makeup Tips: How to Do Eye Make Up

Beautiful Eye MakeupThe best makeup tips for the eye have to include the overall picture the eyes project, and that starts with the eyebrows. Not too thin, as it was in the 50’s, not too bushy as it was in the 90’s and definitely not a uni-brow.
The brow should not draw attention to itself, it has to compliment the eye. The inner line of the brow should start in line with your nose. The easiest way to determine the line is to hold a pencil facing north from your nostril to the eyebrow.

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Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

Woman Applying Eye ShadowWhile some people consider oily skin a blessing because of the anti-aging factor, others consider it a curse. Oily skin gives you a dull, lifeless color, pimples, and a shiny face. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy avoiding the oily face syndrome, but having the right makeup techniques will greatly improve your skin’s look. Here are some makeup tips for applying makeup to a shiny face.

Make Up Foundations, Powders, Blush and More for Oily Skin

Makeup Foundation:

  • Use a makeup foundation that is one shade lighter than your skin tone.
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