Ghee: Health Benefits

Ghee: Clarified ButterEvery culture has it’s special cuisine, the different herbs being used, different vegetables and different oils.

Yet when you compare ingredients from different cultures, you’ll find that certain foods are used in every cuisine, albeit in a different manner.

Cabbage can be found in Korea in the form of Kimchi, in Europe in the form of sauerkraut and in the middle east in the form of marinated cabbage. All those societies have figured that the cabbage has nutritional benefits and combining it with spices produces a healthy dish.

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What is Ghee? Clarified Butter

Ghee: Clarified ButterGhee is the Sanskrit name for clarified butter which has been in use for many years in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines.

Ghee is made of real butter, usually buffalo or cow’s milk, but it can be made from any other milk producing animal. The milk is churned into butter then cooked at medium to high temperatures.

The butter melts and begins to boil, releasing most of the moisture in the butter. Solid matter sinks to the bottom and the top becomes frothy with the evaporating water. A thick layer of fat forms in the middle – that is the ghee.

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