Foods to Improve Immune System

Healthy FoodsYour immune system protects your body from disease, bacteria, viruses and toxins that you are exposed to from day to day.

Your skin is the first defense in your immune system. It is there to protect your body and if there is a breech in this protection a powerful chain of reactions is set into motion to protect you.

The main organs and systems that come into play in your immune system are your spleen, thymus, the lymphatic system, bone marrow, white blood cells, antibodies and your endocrine system which controls your hormones. All of these organs and bodily systems work together to fight infection and combat disease.

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Herbs to Strengthen Immune System

Chamomile FlowerIf you have problems caused by weaker immune system or you are not in “full strength” or you are in winter’s melancholy mood, it’s time to reach for herbs and soon you will come back to natural balance.

Winter is time when you should take special care of your immune system. Big differences in temperatures may cause many infections and diseases. Using herbal mixtures, you can prevent diseases before they reach you.

If you have less energy and not “best mood” lately it’s a sign that you should use herbs and soon enough you will be full of life!

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