Fresh Nail Trends You Can Do Yourself at Home

French ManicureNail trends come and go as with every other element of fashion, and it can be a hassle going to the salon just to stay up on the latest trends. But what’s nice is that you can avoid this hassle and save some money in the process by doing the latest nail trends at home. From neutrals to neons, here are all the ways you can play up your nails this summer – and for every summer to come!

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How to Put On Liquid Eyeliner Yourself

Woman with Applied Liquid EyelinerSeveral beauty experts and professionals claim that eyeliner can make even the tiniest eyes look and appear bigger. By applying eyeliner concisely you will be on your way to achieving better-looking and well-accented eyes. When applying eyeliner, you should not make it too dark, obvious and harsh as this will only show that you have overdone the procedure. Well if you are not a beauty expert but are conscious to your beauty particularly with your eyes, applying eyeliner properly on them is one of the best beauty tips that you need to learn.

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How to Give Yourself a Manicure at Home

ManicureA manicure is a treatment for hands and nails, performed at a nail salon or at home. It has a long history, over 5000 years, when henna was used for manicure.

Today it is known that manicure is not just an aesthetic treatment. It helps maintain a healthy balance of oils in and around the nail and prevent problems.

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How to Find the Perfect Makeup Shade

Makeup ShadesFinding the perfect makeup shade is not as difficult as we make it to be. Maybe it is the abundance of products on the market that dull and confuse the issue.

Here are a few tips on how avoid the clutter and find the perfect shade for you…

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Ways to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Woman Breaking a CigaretteIt is a baffling question; we all know those cigarettes are no good for our health. We’ve been hearing about it again and again with diagrams, pictures and horror stories. We all heard that second hand smoking is dangerous, that smokers are killing themselves and the rest of us, and still people are smoking. What’s more alarming; the young generation, those who have been exposed to the most anti-smoking propaganda, still start smoking, even though in lesser numbers.

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How to Treat Dry Hair

Dry HairJudging from the title, you might think that we’re going to jump right into treatments for dry hair. But before you can treat dry hair, you have to know what causes it to become dry. And over-exposing your hair to the sun is one of the most common causes of dry hair. Just like with your skin, too much sun can definitely be a bad thing!

Washing your hair every day is another common cause of dryness because you’re washing away oils needed for strong, healthy hair. At the most, you should be washing your hair every other day, and conditioning the ends too.

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