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Breathing Techniques & Exercises: For Stress and Anxiety

Woman Breathing DeeplyOxygen plays an important part in the well-being of our bodies. As we inhale, air rich with oxygen rushes into our lungs and the oxygen is transferred into the blood stream. It feeds the cells and enables them to function properly. An exchange is happening in the cellular level, when toxins and poisonous waste products get into the blood stream and with it to the lungs to be exchanged again.

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How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Happy Couple PracticingIt is common sense that a healthy lifestyle will make you feel better and simply live longer, but why does a healthy lifestyle make you healthier?

How to live a healthy lifestyle so you can enjoy all it’s benefits? This article speaks about that!

Your body is a complex set of systems that strive for balance. When your body is in balance you feel good and are healthy. Each system must work in harmony for you to be at your optimum health. When your body is out of balance you not only feel bad, but you are more susceptible to illness and disease. One of the biggest benefits of a healthy lifestyle is maintaining this balance and following good habits.

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Ischaemic Heart Disease Prevention & Causes

Heart StethoscopeIt is hard to properly diagnose Ischaemic Heart Disease (IHD) in women. Even when you have breast pain, doctors often will connect it with hypochondria, neurosis or hysteria. That’s why you – by yourself should listen to your body, because your heart condition depends only on you. It is much easier to diagnose the heart disease if you are a man, because strong pain in chess it’s the main symptom, when it comes to woman – she may not feel even the pain and if she does, she often do not complain about it and it’s easy for her to ignore the symptoms. Please read about prevention and causes of Ischaemic Heart Disease.

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Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Beautiful Woman WalkingIn one of our previous posts we talked about what to eat to stay healthy and fit.

Today ladies, we will talk about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, what to do each day to have beautiful and healthy body, stay in better mood and how to prevent common health problems by simply maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We will take a look how important is sufficient sleep, sun exposure and simple workout.

7 Hours of Sleep

for slim figure

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