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Quit Smoking

Herbs to Help Quit Smoking Naturally

Lobelia FlowersQuitting smoking is a very important decision which usually gets a lot of support from close friends and family.

We all know that quitting cigarettes has to come with a firm decision and conviction from within. Without that solid determination the quitter is bound to fail.

There are numerous ways to help the addict get rid of the craving for the nicotine in the cigarettes. Most of the popular ones deal with replacing the cigarette with another form of nicotine transmittal – through the skin in patches or orally with gums and lozenges, all with the intent to reduce the amount of nicotine absorbed slowly, weaning the body until it doesn’t need the nicotine anymore.

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Ways to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Woman Breaking a CigaretteIt is a baffling question; we all know those cigarettes are no good for our health. We’ve been hearing about it again and again with diagrams, pictures and horror stories. We all heard that second hand smoking is dangerous, that smokers are killing themselves and the rest of us, and still people are smoking. What’s more alarming; the young generation, those who have been exposed to the most anti-smoking propaganda, still start smoking, even though in lesser numbers.

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20 Reasons to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Cigarette StubSmoking has been known to cause serious health risks and health problems for many years, but people still find it difficult to quit smoking cigarettes. The United States Center for Disease Control published some staggering facts about smoking on their website. Check 20 reasons to quit smoking, they should answer your why should I quit smoking? question.

  1. One in five deaths in the United States are directly related to cigarette smoking.
  2. Smoking causes more deaths per year than illegal drug use, alcohol use, suicide, murders, motor vehicle injuries and HIV combined.
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