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Style Tips: Get the Celebrity Look

With so many celebrities to watch and follow it can be hard to find a style that suits you. Whether it’s a hair do or an outfit that catches your eye, if you use a celebrity as a style icon make sure to add a twist to make the look your own. Here are two-drop dead gorgeous celebs and a quick guide on how to get their look.

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How to Style a Tunic

Woman Wearing a TunicTunics are versatile pieces of clothing that are great to wear year-round. Going further, they can be styled for work, casual, and night outfits, thus making them an immediate wardrobe staple for many women. Tunics are usually loose-fitting and longer than a typical shirt, which means they’re easy to wear with leggings and even tights.

It’s also worth mentioning that you’ll find tunics in a variety of fabrics and colors, with different lengths and neck lines. Now that we’ve covered some general information on tunics, here are a few tips on styling tunic shirts and dresses.

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How to Magnify your Best Assets

Beautiful WomanWhether it’s a great set of lips or a skinny waist, we all have features that we’d like others to focus on. And what’s great is that you can keep peoples’ attention on your eyes, lips, or hair by knowing how to manipulate them and create a subtle, sexy appearance. Assuming you already have a good idea on what your best features are, here is a look at how to accentuate certain parts of yourself.

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What Clothes to Wear to Make You Look Thinner Instantly

Bunch of ClothesThe best way to look thinner is by watching what you eat and exercising. But for the in-between time when you’re waiting for the fat to melt away, use these fashion and styling tips to slim your body instantly by using clothes in your wardrobe – if you don’t know yet what clothes to wear to make you look thinner instantly.

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Here to Stay Fashion Must-Haves

Various Types of Knee High BootsFashion repeats, or trends that are here to stay, are items you get the most wear out of throughout the entire year. As we all know, the weather changes from hot to cold, so of course you need the basics like long pants and warm sweaters; but you’ll also want to get the most out of things you can wear year-round without looking out-of-season.

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Wide Fitting Shoes

Black ShoesIt seems that the fashion world has finally caught up with the fact that people come in all shapes and sizes – as well as offering a range of sizes for clothes and lingerie, they have now moved onto the shoe world, where as well as different sizes, you can now also get shoes in a wider fit. Yes, wide fitting shoes are now becoming available at a range of different retailers, which is good news for those of us who need a little extra room.

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Show Your Style Through Your Glasses

Stylish GlassesMany of us now wear glasses. With the increase in computer work more people have to resort to wearing a pair of glasses to aid their vision as they work. However wearing glasses is no longer a catalyst to be called “four eyes”. Glasses are now so stylish that some, non-wearing glasses people, wear empty frames in order to fit in with the current trends.

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Fashion Tips for Plus Size Women

Plus Size Beautiful WomanFinding the right outfit can be hard when you’re a plus-sized woman, but it’s not impossible. Knowing where to shop, what to look for, and the most flattering shapes and sizes for your body type can greatly improve your chances. This being said, here is an in-depth look at how to find great plus-size clothes that fit your unique style and personality.

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Bridesmaid Dresses For Grownups

Choosing Bridesmaid DressesIf you’re having your best friends or adult relatives act as bridesmaids, rather than your small nieces or other children, then you’ll need to make some serious choices about what they’re going to wear. There are some beautiful dresses around at the moment and your main considerations will need to be: your own colour scheme; your friends’ preferred styles; affordability of the dresses and whether your friends can wear the dresses on other occasions later on, like cocktail parties or balls, so that they can get some more wear out of them.

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