Beautiful Eyes with Eyelash Extension: Concerns & Procedures

Woman Having Eyelash ExtensionsFor instance, you see a woman owning an extensive and flipped-up sexy and beautiful eye lashes which look and feel more glamorous, alluring and natural. Definitely that person has found out the good benefits of eyelash extensions. In case your own eyelashes are seemed to be tiny, short and thin; it definitely reduces the beauty of your eyes and your over-all face. Well, the good news is here! Gone are the days when you’re only option were to use an eye mascara in order to thicken, add volume and darken your eye lashes.

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Eyelash Curler: What It Is & How to Use It

Woman Using Eyelash Curler“The eyes are the windows to the soul” wrote many scholars and poets from the days of Matthew to this day.

And we, the mortals, try to make this portal to our soul as attractive as possible. A well known way to make the eyes appear bigger and more pronounced is by manipulating the eyelashes.

The eyelashes provide an important biological function: they are sensitive to the touch and protect the eyes from airborne debris, in the same way that whiskers tell a cat that something is near by.

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