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Body Lift – Surgery or Lifting Creams, Gels or Lotions

Woman Applying Cellulite CreamThere are two ways to approach getting a body lift – surgery or lifting creams and lotions. The method chosen depends completely on the person. There are many factors to take into consideration and the final decision is entirely a matter of personal preference. But the two methods are worlds apart with one requiring invasive surgery and the other a daily beauty regimen of lotion application.

Body lift surgery concentrates on reducing fat deposits within the abdomen, thigh and hip area. Cellulite is the result of fatty deposits in the subcutaneous layer of the skin causing dimpling. Many women have a genetic propensity to put on weight around the hip and thigh area and turn to surgery to correct the problem. With body lift surgery the fat is removed and the skin is drawn and stitched back into a natural shape. Because this is considered major surgery and requires a recovery period, some women look for alternatives to plastic surgery.

Research and technology have developed cellulite reducing gels, creams and lotions which can visibly smooth skin. The products are applied on a daily basis once or twice a day using a massaging stroke to assist with skin smoothing. By reducing the appearance of cellulite and firming the overlying skin, the whole body is lifted through increased skin suppleness. Body lift creams and lotions include a variety of natural and active ingredients including peptides and plant extracts. Unlike body lifting surgery, the creams can be applied anywhere you want to improve skin tone.

Plastic surgery offers a successful body lift, but many people prefer to avoid an invasive procedure. In that case, the body gels, creams and lotions should be considered as an alternative. There is no cure for cellulite, but with exercise and proper nutrition, body lifting products can help anyone reduce the visible impact of cellulite. The products must be applied on a regular basis, but they are safe and non-invasive, making a great alternative to surgery.

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