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Beauty Gifts for Christmas from Getting Personal

Fragrance BottlesFrom luscious fragrances in beautiful bottles peeking out from under to tree, to luxury makeup sets hidden within a stocking, Christmas is all about indulgence and spoiling our loved ones. Beauty gifts at Christmas are one of the most pampering presents we can send or receive. If you are intent in spoiling your loved one this Christmas with a personal and pampering gift then take a look at some of the must haves beauty Christmas gifts from Getting Personal.

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Beauty Monthly Subscriptions Services for Different Countries

Beauty ProductsBeauty subscriptions are a great way to test out different beauty products for a small cost each month. Prices vary from service to service, and the products offered are high-end products or those that are customer favorites, regardless of price. Not all subscription services are available to each country, but most nations do have their own service.

Some examples of well known beauty subscription services are as follows:

  • Birchbox for the United States ($10/month)
  • LuxeBox for Canada ($12/month or $36/3 months)
  • Carmine Beauty Box for UK and Ireland (£10/month + shipping)
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Special Event Checklist

Beautiful LookFor some people, there are plenty of special events that happen throughout the year such as weddings, first dates, birthday parties and vacations. Some of these special events are planned months in advance, while others are unexpected and last minute. As for the latter, these events can cause lots of stress – even in regards to the littlest of details. So in order to help with these stressful situations, here is a list of things that’ll ease the anxiety of getting ready for special events.

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How to Get Beautiful Legs

Beautiful LegsYou may not be a beauty queen who needs to parade your legs in a swimsuit competition. However, when you have a beautiful pair of legs, you can consider this as one of your greatest assets. As a matter of fact, not all women are gifted with beautiful legs. There are only few who come with the gift of beautiful pair of legs that can be flaunted and paraded. Another fact is that many people particularly women are insecure because there are specific parts of their body that are imperfect and these include the legs. Consequently, imperfect pair of legs with different flaws may definitely limit a person’s choice of clothing, wardrobe, or activities.

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Truth Behind YouTube Beauty Gurus

Woman with CameraYouTube beauty gurus are popping up all around the world offering advice for women of all ages in regards to beauty, fashion, health, and even what cars to buy. Of course, not all of them will become as successful as Michelle Phan, who has launched a new company that delivers deluxe-sized beauty samples to your door for only $10 a month.

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Old Fashioned Beauty Tips & Secrets for Hair, Skin & Face

Old Fashioned BeautyWith dozens of new beauty trends and fads each year, it can get confusing when trying to decide what beauty tips will deliver real results, and which tips are full of fluff. A good way to weed through the thousands of beauty secrets and tips is to go back to the basics that have been passed down from generation to generation. After all, old beauty tips & secrets that stand the test of time are surefire ways to get beautiful skin, nails, teeth, hair and eyebrows. With this being the case, here is a look at some classic beauty tips and secrets that reign true today.

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How to Make Safe Beauty Purchases Online

Woman after shoppingOnline shopping has been growing in popularity ever since it became possible to purchase things over the internet. Of course, at first, many people were skeptical and didn’t trust the technology at all! But as consumers have become more comfortable with the idea of online shopping, the volume of internet sales have skyrocketed. Unfortunately, where there’s money to be made, there are scam artists waiting in the wings as.

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15 Unique Uses for Baby Oil

Baby OilAs most people know, baby oil is most commonly used on babies; however, the uses do not stop there. In fact, baby oil uses include everything from untangling jewelry to avoiding stretch marks.
Luckily, baby oil is an inexpensive product, and manufacturers are now making it in a variety of scents. You can find baby oil in a few different places including grocery stores, which makes it convenient to purchase and even easier to find. Now on to the unique uses for this product!

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