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eSalon Review: Custom At-Home Hair Coloring System

Hair ColoringThere is an overwhelming amount of hair coloring options on the market these days, which doesn’t exactly make it easy to select the perfect product. This is why many people visit a salon so that they can get professional help when deciding on a new hair color. Unfortunately, this can be pretty costly, and those who can’t afford a salon visit must turn to at-home hair coloring kits. Assuming you fall into this category, one product you should strongly consider is eSalon custom hair color. This being said, here is a look at what you can expect with the eSalon at-home hair coloring system.

Ordering Process

Before we get into the results you’ll experience with the product, let’s discuss the ordering process at The first thing to keep in mind here is that you will want to set aside around 10 minutes to complete an order. This isn’t exactly ideal for those who hate spending time making online orders, but the reason for this is because eSalon specifically formulates each bottle of hair dye for the person who orders.

The first steps to ordering eSalon involves choosing your natural hair color based on color family, then selecting your natural shade. Once you’ve completed these options, the next part entails answering questions about coloring and chemical treatments that you have recently used. Sticking with this theme, eSalon also prompts you to answer questions about your ethnicity, if you’ve ever dyed hair before, how often your hair gets colored, your hairstyle and your hair’s length.

When all of these steps have been completed, you’ll be given multiple color swatches to choose from for your desired hair color. Now that we’ve went over the ordering process, let’s look at what you receive in your personalized hair coloring kit from eSalon.


The products you’ll receive from eSalon will vary based on the answers you’ve given to the aforementioned questions. But in order to provide an example of what you can expect, let’s assume that you dyed your dark four weeks ago.

In this case, you would receive one bottle of hair dye for roots, one bottle of dye for ends, two bottles of developer, two sets of gloves, a dye brush, a dry wipe, a small package of stain remover, leave in conditioner, a small package of color guard and personalized instructions. Going back to the bottles, it’s also worth mentioning that your name is printed on each bottle, which adds a really cool touch.

Applying eSalon Hair Color

If there’s one weakness to eSalon products, it’s that most people will spend double the time applying the product (based on your specific situation). But with other hair dyes, you don’t normally get two pair of gloves, a brush, stain guard and stain remover. So basically, the abundance of accessories you’ll use adds some time to the process, which isn’t exactly a bad thing.

To start applying eSalon, you’ll first apply product to the roots with the dye brush. Once the dye has sat in your hair for a specified amount of time, you apply the second bottle of dye to your ends. Instead of instructing you to rinse your hair with water immediately after the timer goes off, they instruct you to add water to the leftover dye in bottle 2; this creates a rinse that can be used in the shower before shampooing your hair.

Overall Results

If you’ve followed the instructions carefully, the results should leave you feeling satisfied. In short, the specifically-tailored product will give you the exact hair color that you’re looking for. This is in stark contrast to many other coloring systems out there that oftentimes leave your hair too dark or a different color altogether. In addition to getting the color right on, eSalon should make your hair feel healthy and non-damaged when the process is over with.


One of the chief concerns with many hair coloring kits is that you can miss large chunks of hair, and be left with streaks or uncolored sections. Plus you don’t have to worry about hot roots (lighter than rest of hair) with eSalon because they specially formulate the color you put on the roots with the color you apply to the ends. As far as fading goes, eSalon differs greatly from the typical drugstore brands because your color won’t fade or grow dull after just a few days. In summary, you’ll have a constant, natural-looking color that lasts for weeks.


At just $20, eSalon custom hair coloring system is definitely a good value for those looking for a quality at-home hair coloring product. As we discussed above, the results are pretty good for a coloring system at this price, and you get quite a bit of accessories for the money. Going further, the hair dye bottles offer more than enough product, which assures that you won’t run out.

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