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Fresh Nail Trends You Can Do Yourself at Home

French ManicureNail trends come and go as with every other element of fashion, and it can be a hassle going to the salon just to stay up on the latest trends. But what’s nice is that you can avoid this hassle and save some money in the process by doing the latest nail trends at home. From neutrals to neons, here are all the ways you can play up your nails this summer – and for every summer to come!

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Nail Care Tools – Must-Have Tools for at-Home Manicure & Pedicure

Manicure & Pedicure ToolsFingernails and toenails have a major impact on first impressions and personal hygiene, which is why nail salons are so successful. Salons are great if you can afford to pay someone to do the maintenance on your nails; however, the cost can really add up if you pay for both a manicure and pedicure.

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How to Remove Gel Nails

Gel NailsDo you have nail gels and you want them to be removed off your fingers? You have to know that nail gels look beautiful and appealing and that is probably the reason why you applied them. But as time passes by, these nail gels start to wear out and will soon look ugly and unappealing. If this is the case, you do not want to have those ugly nail gels remain on your fingers any longer so you want them removed.

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Basic Hand Care & Nail Care Tips

Beautiful Hands Under WaterSome people believe that someone can evaluate your kind of personality by simply looking at your both hands. In similar fashion, it could possibly reveal on how you deal with yourself every day. And are you aware that the primary revealing aging signs occur in your hands? Something else that everyone doesn’t know yet was that our hands and nails can nearly show the status of our health condition. Nail breakage, slight nail discoloration or possibly dividing is usually principally connected with our well-being and health status.

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What is Manicure and Pedicure?

Manicure & PedicureManicure and pedicure are treatments for the hand and feet, respectively.

Those two extremities that carry so much of our daily burden, hardly get our attention, which they certainly need, deserve and want.

Those practices have been in use for centuries.

Carving depicting the procedures were found in pharaoh’s tomb. Cleopatra was said to have painted her nails red, while Nefertiti’s were ruby colored. In southern Babylonia 4,000 years ago and in China since 3,000 BC the practice was used, as is evident from descriptions of painting the nails of the royals.

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How to Take Care of Your Feet

Woman Holding Her FootYou may think you don’t need to pay much attention to your feet. After all they are down there, inside shoes and doing fine, as long as the shoes are comfortable, of course. The truth of the matter is you do need to pay attention to your feet, because when something goes wrong and your feet are not comfortable in your shoes, or even barefoot, it may affect many aspects of your life.

Untreated problems sometime get worse and may become chronic condition which will require a long and complicated treatment.

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How to Give Yourself a Manicure at Home

ManicureA manicure is a treatment for hands and nails, performed at a nail salon or at home. It has a long history, over 5000 years, when henna was used for manicure.

Today it is known that manicure is not just an aesthetic treatment. It helps maintain a healthy balance of oils in and around the nail and prevent problems.

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