Style Tips: Get the Celebrity Look

With so many celebrities to watch and follow it can be hard to find a style that suits you. Whether it’s a hair do or an outfit that catches your eye, if you use a celebrity as a style icon make sure to add a twist to make the look your own. Here are two-drop dead gorgeous celebs and a quick guide on how to get their look.

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Celebrities Beauty Secrets

Like CelebrityIf you think that to be beautiful you need most expensive products, you are simply wrong and some celebrities are great examples, that cheap products and simple methods hide great beauty secrets.

In this article you can find 6 beauty secrets of the stars and why shared natural beauty secrets are special.

Jennifer Lopez: Long Sleep Better Than Skin Care Creams

We all know how wonderful complexion Jennifer Lopez has and the secret of her amazingly beautiful complexion is long sleep. She never sleeps less than 8 hours a day – her skin has time to rest and next day is always radiant. Jennifer also doesn’t tan, she uses bronzing foundations instead.

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