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Anti Wrinkle Products for Different Parts of the Face

Forehead WrinklesWrinkles are the skin care problem no. 1 and sooner or later we have to deal with it. There are so many anti-wrinkle products on the market, so it’s hard to choose which one to buy. In different age you will need different anti-wrinkle product but also different areas of your face need different products. Please enjoy an article on anti-wrinkle products for different parts of women face.

Forehead: Rested and Smooth

Horizontal lines on your forehead may start to be visible in your thirties and they are often called mimic wrinkles. With passing time they get deeper, giving your forehead sad look.

Recommended Treatments

Around Lips: Without Furrows

Here especially visible is nasolabial furrow, goes from nose to corners of lips. In mature women vertical micro-wrinkles are also visible. They are related to loss of subcutaneous tissue, but they can be also visible on the skin of young, smoking women (read more about negative effects of smoking cigarettes on the skin).

Recommended Treatments

  • For superficial changes, collagen fillers for mimic wrinkles around lips will be good.
  • For deeper nasolabial furrows around lips it’s good to use universal wrinkle reducers for lips and eyes.
  • To prevent wrinkles around lips it’s recommended to quit smoking!

Tighten Eyelids

First you can notice barely visible crow’s feet, caused by skin dryness and mimic. With time you can experience drooping corners of the eyes what’s connected with weakened tension of the eye’s muscles.

Recommended Treatments

  • Under eye creams should be used even by young ladies. First just moisturizing gel and with time stronger skin care products.
  • Mature women should try serums and skin tightening creams for eye area.
  • When you are having upper eyelid drooping problem, you may try lifting creams – they should mitigate the changes.
  • Avoid eyes squinting and use sunglasses during sunny days.

Chin: Nicely Outlined

A droopy chin is caused by loss of skin elasticity, what’s related to weakened fibers of collagen and elastin.

Recommended Treatments

  • Helpful are remodeling and tightening products for chin, which you can find in series of products for mature women.
  • Remember to have your chin always slightly lifted up and walk with straight back and neck.

Neck and Decolletage: Without Horizontal Lines

Here the skin is thin and delicate, that’s why it dehydrates easily and has tendency to create furrows (even in young women).

Recommended Treatments

  • Take care of your neck and decolletage the same way as you do about your face. For young women it’s enough to use the same as for face (moisturizing anti-wrinkle cream with SPF in the morning and nourishing cream in the evening).
  • For stronger effect (deeper skin changes) you should buy special products for neck and decolletage and use rejuvenating masks.
  • While walking or seating keep you neck straight, and sleep on flat pillow.

Recommended Anti-Wrinkle Products

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I hope you enjoyed the Anti Wrinkle Products for Different Parts of the Face article, please comment and share your knowledge.

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