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Skin Problems

Benzoyl Peroxide: Uses & Cautions

Acne ProblemBenzoyl peroxide is used in a number of household products that clean and whiten. It’s also considered a medication and is used for treating skin issues. Benzoyl peroxide can be found in pharmacies or in the medication section of your supermarket. In some cases, your doctor will prescribe a more potent amount of benzoyl peroxide that can’t be bought over the counter.

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Dandruff in Winter – How to Prevent it?

Dandruff ProblemToday we are going to talk about dandruff in winter. I’m sure many of you have to deal with dandruff problem especially in winter months, if you do, it’s common. Do not worry though, cause there are ways to prevent dandruff and that’s what about we are going to talk here. So please enjoy our several tips for dandruff in winter.

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