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20 Reasons to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Cigarette StubSmoking has been known to cause serious health risks and health problems for many years, but people still find it difficult to quit smoking cigarettes. The United States Center for Disease Control published some staggering facts about smoking on their website. Check 20 reasons to quit smoking, they should answer your why should I quit smoking? question.

  1. One in five deaths in the United States are directly related to cigarette smoking.
  2. Smoking causes more deaths per year than illegal drug use, alcohol use, suicide, murders, motor vehicle injuries and HIV combined.
  3. In women lung cancer related to smoking causes 80% of deaths in women and the number climbs to 90% of deaths in men.
  4. Smoking causes an estimated 90% of all deaths from chronic obstructive lung disease.
  5. People who smoke have two to four times the risk for coronary heart disease and stroke.
  6. Men who smoke develop lung cancer a whopping 23 times more and women 13 times more than non-smokers.

These facts alone are sobering. There are more reasons to quit smoking than the ones listed above. Here are 20 reasons to quit smoking. If you fight with the question why should I quit smoking cigarettes?, reasons are many:

20 Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking Cigarettes

  1. You’ll save money. Packs of cigarettes cost from $4 to $8 depending on the brand and the area you live. If you only smoke 1 pack a day you will save up to $56 a week by not smoking. This can add up to $224 a month and a huge $2,688 per year. What could you do with an extra $2,000?
  2. Your bones will be stronger. Women who smoke have lower bone density than non-smokers.
  3. Greater change for pregnancy. Non-smoking women in their child bearing years have a greater chance of becoming pregnant than smokers. This is important if you are planning on starting a family any time soon.
  4. Your food will taste better and you will have a more acute sense of smell. Taste and smell start to improve rapidly after you quit smoking.
  5. Go through menopause when you’re supposed to. Women who smoke start to experience menopause symptoms much earlier than non-smokers.
  6. If you are on the pill, quitting smoking decreases your risk of stroke and blood clots. Women over 35 should never smoke and take the pill.
  7. You’ll have smoother and younger-looking skin. Smoking for only 10 years can decrease the circulation and collagen production in your skin and cause you to experience premature aging. Keep your skin smooth and look younger by not smoking or quitting. There are many negative effects of smoking cigarettes on the skin.
  8. You’ll lose weight! Even though the popular myth is that you will gain weight when you quit smoking, studies show that most people actually lose weight. The reason for this is smoking can cause you to crave high carb foods especially if you are a woman.
  9. Your house will smell fresher and your walls will stay the color you painted them. Over time the smoke causes your walls to take on a drab brownish hue and the materials in your home hold the smell of cigarette smoke that is very noticeable to anyone who does not smoke.
  10. Save money on hair color services. Men and women who smoke go gray earlier than those who do not smoke.
  11. Keep your family healthy. Second hand smoke affects children and pets. The members of your family face many of the same health risks you do by being exposed to your second hand smoke.
  12. It would seem common sense that pregnant woman should not smoke, but 70% of all women who smoke when they become pregnant do not quit. Give your baby the best chance to be healthy by quitting as soon as you decided to have children or find out your are expecting. Smoking causes low birth weight, birth defects and everything you are exposed to affects your unborn child.
  13. Chocolate will taste better. People who smoke are less sensitive to sweet tastes. This fact alone is reason enough to quit smoking if you’re a chocolate lover.
  14. Perform better at work. Smokers have more sick days than non-smokers and many companies now are giving non-smokers more consideration when promotions are coming up. Some companies offer free smoking cessation programs or offer incentives for employees to quit on their own.
  15. Get a better night’s sleep. A study done at John Hopkins found that non-smokers were more rested and had a better quality of sleep than smokers.
  16. Save money on your morning coffee. If you like the buzz you get with a cup of coffee, quitting smoking can help you get more buzz from a small amount of coffee.
  17. Avoid anxiety. Smokers have more anxiety symptoms than non-smokers. Nicotine is a stimulant and this can add to any anxiety you may have and make attacks more frequent.
  18. Improve your sex life. Non-smokers and people who have quit smoking have a more sensitive sense of touch. Not only that but you will have more stamina for longer love making sessions that are more enjoyable.
  19. You will smell better. Smoke stays in your clothing and hair, and even though you might not notice it, other people do.
  20. You will be free from an addiction that can ruin your health, cost you money and contribute to many other factors that make life less enjoyable.

All of these are very valid reasons to quit smoking. If you feel you can’t do it on your own, make an appointment with your doctor to discuss ways to quit. There are new medications that make it easier to kick the smoking habit. Over-the-counter patches are also very effective to help you quit.

Many people find that unless they are mentally ready to quit, they are not successful. Like anything that is worth working for, your mental attitude has a lot to do with your success. Once you make up your mind it is time to quit, your reasons will be a way to reinforce your decision.

The choice to quit smoking is a win-win situation. You will be healthier, your family will be healthier and everyone will be happy that you finally kicked the habit. If there is no enough reasons, please check more health problems and skin diseases caused by smoking cigarettes.

Bookmark 20 reasons to quit smoking cigarettes and share it with others, print it too, so you will have easy access to read them in hard moments, it should help you stay motivated.

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