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Instantly Create Head-Turning Confidence With These 3 Tricks

Nichole Kellerman Personal TrainerWhat’s up, what’s up, it’s Nichole Kellerman here to give you some killer tips on how to instantly create mega confidence!

Okay- before I dive into these three simple tricks, let me explain what head-turning confidence is. Confidence is not something that can be measured physically, it’s really all up in your head.

Enjoy the video created by Nichole Kellerman, certified personal trainer and massage therapist.

To further explain this, I know you know someone who has a killer body, but at the same time has a horrible self esteem (me, for a very, very long time).

On the other hand, you may know someone or have seen someone who is a little overweight, but no way does that extra weight phase her! She can strut down the street with her head held high, shoulders back, and swinging hips, while smiling bright! She lights up a room with her loving and magnetic energy. She has so much confidence, you may hate to admit it, but your a little envious…Right?!?!

Creating Head Turning ConfidenceMy mission in life is to get you that confidence, along with the killer body.

Here are some tips to get you started.


#1. Say “I’m Back”

When we are lost in a moment of self hatred it’s only because we have left the present moment. Out mind begins to spin some crazy, unreal story beating us down, time and time again.

Saying “I’m Back” gets you out of your head and back into this moment.

I know it sounds ridiculous but I have to tell you, IT WORKS! Just give it a shot!

#2 Shift Your Focus

For the next 30 days find 3 things you LOVE about your body.

What you focus on expands. If you are constantly staring in the mirror picking apart all of the things you don’t like about yourself, the more you are enforcing them to stay there.

Once you shift your thinking and start to take notice on what you love about your body, the more those things you don’t like will disappear and the things you love will expand.

Side note– This is an extremely powerful tool and have had hundreds of clients LOVE this exercise but struggled with it at the beginning. I say, fake it till you make it, just stay consistent!

#3 Move Your Body!

Moving the Body
Being a personal trainer/health and lifestyle coach, you had to have seen this one coming :).

I have been in a place where I was overweight and unhappy with myself, and I’ll tell you exercise helped me a lot!

Even though I didn’t see a physical difference right way, just knowing I was doing great things for my body was a major confidence booster!

SO since I know this is uber important I have created a Head-Turning Work Out Plan just for you!

(see video for visual examples and proper form)

This is a no excuses work out plan that you can do ANYWHERE! And since I feeling super generous (I think it’s the green smoothie I just drank kickin’ in 😉 I am throwing in my 10 page Stretch Routine I usually only give my paying clients! I guarantee you have never felt stretches like these before!

Just print and follow with these detailed pictures and descriptions.
Head Turning Work Out Plan

I totally believe in you, rock it out!

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me, I am here to help.


Nichole Kellerman, CPT, CMT
Health & Lifestyle Coach

About Nichole Kellerman

Nichole KellermanNichole Kellerman, is a certified personal trainer and massage therapist with the drive to help as many women as possible be fit, healthy and happy, all while having a blast! Having struggled with her weight and self image in the past, she has now dedicated her life to showing women how to love their bodies and get that head-turning confidence they all deserve! Learn more about Nichole at

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