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How to Choose Makeup Powder

Makeup PowderMakeup powder makes makeup better – you can use it to matte your complexion or make your complexion more alive and even hide some imperfections. What you need to do is to choose the right makeup powder for your skin type. In this article we will talk about makeup powders for oily and dry skin, what powders should you use for dull complexion and skin with imperfections.

For oily skin

For oily skin choose the mattifying makeup powder, which will absorb the excess of sebum produced by your sebum glands.

Avoid radiance and bronzing makeup powders – they will make your skin shiny. Choose transparent powders, which won’t leave stains.

Use a brush to evenly apply the powder over your face.

For dry skin

For dry skin you should try light, brightening powder. Apply thin layer – other way you may dry your skin even more. It’s recommended to use pressed powders and avoid mattifying loose powders. Do not use heavy, compact powders as well.

For skin with imperfections

Strongly covering, compact makeup powders – which will cover discolorations and imperfections. This type of powders are more visible, so be careful and delicate during application.

It’s recommended not to use bronzing makeup powders.

For complexion with large pores

Choose matte powders. Lightening powders would make pores more visible. The best are loose powders.

For dull complexion

Use brightening makeup powder. It’s good to remember, that brightening powders are the best for women with smooth complexion. Brightening elements will make imperfections, fine lines and enlarged pores more visible.

It’s good to use peach color powder with a touch of rose pigment.

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