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How to Treat Dry Hair

Dry HairJudging from the title, you might think that we’re going to jump right into treatments for dry hair. But before you can treat dry hair, you have to know what causes it to become dry. And over-exposing your hair to the sun is one of the most common causes of dry hair. Just like with your skin, too much sun can definitely be a bad thing!

Washing your hair every day is another common cause of dryness because you’re washing away oils needed for strong, healthy hair. At the most, you should be washing your hair every other day, and conditioning the ends too.

Conditioner is really only for the tips of the hair, and shampoo is mainly for the roots. By only using shampoo on the roots and conditioner on the tips, you’ll be saving product, and saving a little money as well. When you’re lathering up your strands, use only your fingertips to gently massage the scalp to promote hair growth. Also, stay away from shampoos containing Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Tea-Lauryl Sulfate because these ingredients are known for stripping the natural oils from your hair.

Before we get into how you can treat dry hair, other causes of dry hair that you should watch out for include chemical treatments like perms and chemical straitening, weak elasticity, and over-using blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons.

When dealing with dry hair, you should always pay attention to the temperature of the water during showers. Using hot water can dry out your hair, so remember to use cool to lukewarm water when rinsing out shampoo and conditioner. When your hair doesn’t need to be wet, you can use a clip to hold your hair up throughout the rest of the shower, and avoid the hot water.

Your hair is most vulnerable when wet, so use a large-tooth comb or pick to comb out any tangles; avoid using a brush when the hair is wet. Brushes are okay if your hair is dry, but if you brush the hair too much, you’re still putting it at risk for damage. If you are going to use a brush, use a boar bristle brush because they tend to be less brutal on your locks.

If you have enough time, you should let your hair air dry. On days that require a blow dryer, you should use a heat protecting spray containing silicone to lower the damage caused by your blow dryer. Once you’re finished blow drying, spray your hair again with the heat protecting spray before using any other hot tools. By doing these things regularly, your hair will be healthier in no time!

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