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Side Effects of Too Much Sugar, Salt, Fats & Trans Fats in Diet

SugarMany nutritionists and dietitians all over the world are saying the same thing and we should listen to them: excess of sugar, salt and saturated fatty acids are very harmful to our bodies. Too much sugar = unnecessary calories, may be the cause of digestion problems. Causes not only obesity, diabetes and heart diseases but may also cause hormonal disorders.

Too much salt in your diet = easy way to higher blood pressure. Salt is our main ingredient, so we should start looking for foods and ways to consume it less if we don’t want to risk in having higher blood pressure, heart attack, stroke or stomach cancer.

Too much of saturated fats and trans fats is really dangerous. Excessive consumption may result in obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis, heart diseases and inflammations in your body

We should put limit on consumption of:

  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Fats

Facts About Sugar, Salt, Fats & Trans Fats

About Salt
The most frequently used seasoning on foods. Contains sodium – necessary for our muscles and nerves. Because of sodium water is easy absorbed to our cells in the body. But as mentioned before, excess use may cause serious diseases: higher blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, kidney disease and stomach tumor. That’s why, we should eat maximum one spoon a day of salt.

We love sugar since childhood. Our common de-stressing substance (for example: chocolate). It’s true that around 55% of energy we provide to our body comes from carbohydrates, we should try to consume more complex carbohydrates than carbohydrates that comes from chocolate and similar foods. Try eating foods like: “coarse” cereals (oatmeal, breakfast cereals) or whole wheat bread. Don’t forget that eating too much sugar may result in side effects, such as: obesity and dental caries.

Fatty meals have more taste, fats are the sources of energy and are responsible for proper functioning of the body but here as well, excess is not good. Side effects of too much fats might be: obesity and chronic diseases.

Trans Fats
Consumption of trans fats has bad influence on our health. Excessive consumption reduces good cholesterol and raises bad cholesterol level, cause – higher risk of atherosclerosis.

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