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Truth Behind YouTube Beauty Gurus

Woman with CameraYouTube beauty gurus are popping up all around the world offering advice for women of all ages in regards to beauty, fashion, health, and even what cars to buy. Of course, not all of them will become as successful as Michelle Phan, who has launched a new company that delivers deluxe-sized beauty samples to your door for only $10 a month.

But no matter whether it’s Phan or a relative unknown, becoming a YouTube beauty guru isn’t hard – all you need is a camera, computer, and of course beauty products. And it’s an easy way to make money for those who are successful enough to become a partner with YouTube and host a variety of advertisements on their profile. But with so many gurus on YouTube and the money involved, it’s hard to distinguish who is giving honest opinions, and who is being paid to tell you to buy a product.

That said, here are some reasons to watch and subscribe to beauty gurus, in addition to advice on finding trustworthy reviews, product suggestions and valuable beauty information.

Beauty Gurus: How to Find Them

Hauls and Favorite Videos

Haul videos have become a part of every beauty channel on YouTube, blogs and websites alike. When you watch a haul video, you’ll see the video maker showing you everything she’s bought on her latest shopping spree, and maybe she’ll go in-depth about where she went shopping and why the items were purchased. The problem with haul videos is that you’re not getting valuable information, and the gurus may have been asked to record them to promote stores. Essentially, haul videos are purely for entertainment.

Favorite videos are great product recommendation bits, and usually pop up around the beginning of each month. The products named in a favorites video can be anything from an eyeshadow to a flavor of tea. But watch out because some opinions are biased since items may have been given to the gurus for free from a company hoping to reach a large audience. In order to find out if the hauler has been compensated for mentioning a certain brand, product or store, read the video description to see if there is a disclaimer. This will help you to make smart decisions, and be more cautious when it comes to making impulse purchases based on something that someone raved about on YouTube!

Frivolous Spending

Watching these girls go on shopping sprees and boast about the latest products can lead you to spending more money on items you don’t necessarily need. Since these women make a living off of YouTube videos, it’s their job to always have the most recent products in order to make a review video or to demonstrate the product. Seeing someone so excited about a new product inevitably makes you want the same item, leading you to frivolous spending on something you probably don’t have a true use for.

Lacking Formal Training

Only a handful of the beauty gurus on YouTube have actually finished a cosmetology course; JuicyStar07 is one example. She began her YouTube career in high school and has been featured in magazines and even small movie roles. Still, she continues to make sponsored videos without any formal training in the beauty industry. Without going to a beauty school, many of the gurus offer candid advice on what has worked for them in order to help others in similar situations. But even without any formal training, they still know plenty of techniques, tips, and information regarding hair care, skincare, fashion and makeup application.

Learn New Techniques

If you’re looking for a new way to style your hair, or are trying to find an easier way to get a flawless face, then YouTube is the place to look. With so many different beauty advisors who are offering free advice, you’re bound to find what you are looking for no matter if you’ve been wondering how to create the latest hair bow trend, or how to create a sultry smoky eye look. Keep searching to find other videos that spark your imagination and creativity, and learn different techniques along the way! YouTube beauty gurus will also demonstrate the latest products to help you get proper use out of items such as the beauty blender or similar products.


When there is nothing else to do on a lazy day, you can turn to your trusty beauty gurus as a form of entertainment! Most of them have unique personalities that shine through in their videos like BeautySavvy; she uses humor as a tool to guide through her talks about topics that are hard or embarrassing to discuss. Other forms of entertainment that branch off from YouTube videos are Twitter and Facebook as many gurus are opening their arms to social networking in order to answer questions you may have regarding a video.

Contests and Giveaways

When you subscribe to a guru, you have a shot to win in their frequent giveaways and contests. These contests usually offer both sponsored products, as well as items the guru herself has purchased specifically for giving away to a lucky winner. To know if the giveaway is sponsored, look in the information bar YouTube offers below the video. This will tell you if she purchased the said items herself, or if someone is sponsoring the giveaway.

When it comes to beauty gurus, it’s just like finding a friend. Sometimes you will like their personality and continue to watch them, and other gurus will turn you off with their arrogant attitude and lavish lifestyle. You’ll also want to learn what their skin type is so you can get recommendations that could possibly work, and keep this concept in mind when it comes to your hair too. After all, you wouldn’t want to watch hair tutorials for long hair if you have short hair. So when you’re trying to find your guru fit, keep in mind what your personal style is, and don’t forget to subscribe to them to show your support!

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