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Bridesmaid Dresses For Grownups

Choosing Bridesmaid DressesIf you’re having your best friends or adult relatives act as bridesmaids, rather than your small nieces or other children, then you’ll need to make some serious choices about what they’re going to wear. There are some beautiful dresses around at the moment and your main considerations will need to be: your own colour scheme; your friends’ preferred styles; affordability of the dresses and whether your friends can wear the dresses on other occasions later on, like cocktail parties or balls, so that they can get some more wear out of them.

As a rule, dresses with ruffles and embellishments must have softer hues to make so as not to overdo it and risk taking attention away from the bride!  You can safely go for stronger colours in more simple dresses. Want to visit the online fashion store Very then click here.

Bridesmaid dresses in 2010 and 2011 are considerably more like regular cocktail dresses, but full length gowns in strong colours are classics that won’t go out of style.  For some ideas, check out  I love the Nicholas Millington vintage print dress in pale blue, for example, and his Ella and Ava dresses are beautiful too.  If you’re having a wedding in the winter months, you should consider some accessories that will keep your mates warm, or their teeth will be chattering so much you won’t be able to hear yourself say your vows.  Wraps and pashminas will look great in a colour to match or contrast with your chosen dresses and won’t cost a fortune.

Remember your friends’ figures when buying the dresses and it’s a nice idea to consult with them about the sort of dresses that they would feel comfortable in.  You should tell them what sort of colours you’re after and then let them have a browse.  You’ll get a good idea of the sort of styles they like just from listening in and then you can have the final say!  As a guide, you can get some really beautiful dresses from about £40 at then

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