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Dandruff in Winter – How to Prevent it?

Dandruff ProblemToday we are going to talk about dandruff in winter. I’m sure many of you have to deal with dandruff problem especially in winter months, if you do, it’s common. Do not worry though, cause there are ways to prevent dandruff and that’s what about we are going to talk here. So please enjoy our several tips for dandruff in winter.

Causes of Dandruff in Winter
In winter time we use all sort of warm headwears and they offer good opportunity for fungus to grow on our scalps. Another factors that cause dandruff problem are: weakened immune system and unhealthy diet. Listed causes as you can imagine may cause dandruff in other seasons as well, however in winter time our body and immune system is usually not as strong as it is in summer time, that’s why it’s easier to deal with the problem in cold winter season.

Tips to Prevent Dandruff in Winter:

  • Choose airy head coverings made of natural fibers: cotton or wool.
  • Eat vegetables and fruits, whole wheat bread and fish.
  • Rinse your scalp thoroughly, avoid hot and cold water, and do not use blow dryers.
  • Do not let anybody use your hair brush or comb.
  • Ask dermatologist which hair shampoo will help you fight dandruff.

I hope you enjoyed our 5 simple tips to prevent dandruff in winter season, visit us for more and enjoy other articles on our blog. Please read our article about dandruff, food and vitamins for hair.

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