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DIY Makeup Storage

Makeup to StorageStoring makeup in a dresser drawer seems like a good idea at first, but once you put all of the makeup away, you’re left with a messy drawer and little space for clothes. Now some people might suggest that you get a makeup vanity, but unfortunately, makeup vanities are expensive and take up so much room. This obviously isn’t good if you’re cramped in a small bedroom, dorm or apartment, so you need to come up with an efficient, cost-effective solution to cosmetic storage dilemmas you may have. Keeping this in mind, here is a look at some do-it-yourself makeup storage ideas that are both cheap and space-efficient.

New uses for Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry boxes are great to re-purpose into a makeup brush holder. This requires little effort, and the transformation doesn’t have to be permanent unless you want it to be. For the first step, find an old jewelry box that has a top-hinged lid and a hallow space inside. Some jewelry boxes will even have removable trays inside; you can discard the tray to make room for the next step.

After this, find filler-like glass beads, marbles or pearls. Fill the space inside of the jewelry box with your chosen filler, and while the lid is open, place the brush’s handle down inside of the box. It’s even more personal if you paint the jewelry box a fun color like pink or green. Find a ribbon or a bow at your local craft store, and put it on the front of the box to a add little more pop.

Glass Vase Brush Holder

If you’ve ever been to a Sephora store, you may have noticed how they keep their cosmetic brushes in a vase. Even if you haven’t, it isn’t hard to figure out; you need a vase, some beads, sand, marbles, rocks (or other vase filler), and your makeup brushes.

Square vases are cute, and can be found in a variety of sizes that work well for the different types of cosmetic brushes. Hot pink is a popular color for vase fillers because it’s the epitome of femininity, but any color will work!

Magnetic Cosmetic Board

If you don’t have room in your vanity for makeup, or if you’re just lacking space in a closet or dresser, try hanging your products on your wall. Make a magnetic makeup board with an old picture frame, magnetic piece of metal cut to the size of frame, magnets, a piece of fabric with a design in your taste, a hot glue gun and glue sticks, spray adhesive, and a color of spray paint that matches your chosen fabric.

If you’re wondering where to get the piece of metal you’ll need, visit a hardware store and ask them to cut a piece to the size of the frame; you should write the measurements down or bring the frame with you for the best results.

To assemble this magnetic cosmetic board, first begin by taking the frame’s glass and back out. Next, spray paint the frame and set it aside to dry. Use your spray adhesive to spray the metal, and then carefully lay your fabric right side-up onto the metal.

Now you can set that aside to glue your magnets onto the makeup items. Small eyeshadows will need only a small round magnet that can be found at dollar stores, hardware stores and/or craft stores. Heavier makeup items like blush, foundation or large eye shadow palettes will require a few more magnets to compensate for the weight. Use your glue gun to adhere a magnet to the back of the eye shadows and blushes; the hot glue you’re using will allow you to reuse the magnet once you’ve used the entire product. Hang a magnetic makeup board in your bathroom or in the bedroom to save space, and have cute and personalized décor! To get more out of your magnetic board, find a small and lightweight pencil holder to adhere to your board for makeup brushes, eyeliners or lip liners.

Office Supplies turned Makeup Storage

Finding cute and functional makeup storage can be done in any office supply store – all you need is a little imagination! The black mesh metal pencil holder can easily become the bright pink eye liner holder. Use some spray paint and make it a color that you enjoy seeing on a daily basis. The same concept works for other mesh office supplies too. You can find clear plastic, rectangular boxes that are called shallow drawer organizers. These can be found at the office section of department stores, and they work well for storing and organizing blushes, jumbo eyeshadow pencils or eyeshadows. Silverware dividers are great for storing makeup items too, and can be tucked inside a drawer with easy access and little mess.

Turn the Inside of a Cabinet Door into a Makeup Board

If you’re really struggling with finding a space for cosmetics, get a cabinet that you can hang a magnetic board onto so that your makeup is both hidden, and in an organized, accessible place. Measure your cabinet door or remove the door, and take it to the hardware store so you can get a sheet of metal cut to fit onto the inside of the door. The method is the same as the aforementioned magnetic makeup board, except you don’t need the frame. Continue hot gluing your magnets onto the products to complete the project!

When it comes to finding creative and unique makeup storage solutions, it only takes a few dollars, a little time and a big imagination. An old train case could become tomorrow’s makeup storage! This being said, look through your closet and find your own creative makeup storage solutions. By doing so, you’ll not only be saving lots of household space, but also ensuring that you won’t have to spend major money on an expensive makeup vanity.

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