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University of Makeup Review: Full Makeup Course

Woman Applying Her MakeupWhen it comes to makeup tutorials, it’s hard to know what videos are a waste of time and what ones are legitimate. The University of Makeup seeks to provide people with the latter in their compilation of tutorials, and they also offer certificates to those who pass their requirements. So does the University of Makeup live up to their goal of providing people with quality, informative makeup training? Let’s find out by taking a look at the various aspects of this membership website.

University of Makeup Basics

The first thing you should note about University of Makeup is that the site is comprised of three main courses designed to help people apply makeup. The courses are “My Makeup Course”, “Bridal Makeup Course” and the “Full Makeup Course”.

When you’ve completed the Full Makeup Course, you’ll supposedly have the skills to become a professional makeup artist. The My Makeup Course is more specialized, and this teaches you to apply your own makeup like a pro. The Bridal Makeup Course is much like the My Makeup Course, with the obvious difference being that it’s geared more towards soon-to-be brides.

Unfortunately, the videos are all lumped together, so it’s difficult to tell what video belongs to what course. Sure it’s obvious that Bridal Makeup Look: Young and Beautiful Bride goes under the Bridal Makeup Course, but some of the other videos could either fit under any of the categories.

Moving past the courses, it’s also worth mentioning that the University of Makeup offers a cosmetics store too. The store has a nice selection of products since nearly 8,700 items are available for purchase. In addition to this, U. of Makeup members receive a discount on all of the products. Now that the basics have been covered, let’s move on to some more specific aspects of the University of Makeup.

Video Quality/Contents

The overall production of the website and beginning video graphics set you up to expect something fantastic. And while the U. of Makeup videos aren’t lacking in knowledge or clearly demonstrated instructions, there are some qualities that could stand to be improved.

The same woman, Anneke La Grange, does every single video, which sometimes makes them tedious to watch. In addition to this, the models shown on the video intro screens never actually show up in the video. Instead, all of the videos that we watched only feature La Grange applying makeup on herself (soon, videos with different models will be available, though). Now this isn’t to say that she gives bad advice or anything, but it would be nice to see La Grange applying makeup on someone else.

Once the videos make it past the initial intro, you’ll notice that the actual video quality isn’t much better than many of the YouTube videos out there. You can clearly see what she is doing while demonstrating how to apply and/or remove makeup, but the video production values don’t add anything to the experience. To put this into a metaphor, it’s like expecting a perfect hamburger and fries from a fast food place, only to get overcooked fries and a squished hamburger.

Even with this being said, you are sure to get some excellent information since many of the videos are 20 minutes or longer. And seeing as how there are dozens of videos under one roof, this is a lot of makeup knowledge!

University of Makeup Certificate

One big reason why a lot of people join the University of Makeup is so they can get the certificate that comes at the completion of training. Now we can’t directly say how effective a U. of Makeup certificate will be in landing you clients or a salon job, but we do have the requirements for getting the certificate. And the main requirements you need to keep in mind include the following:

Makeup Course
  • You must be a member for at least 1 month.
  • 70-80 hours of practice time are required (not sure how this is verified).
  • You need to pass a practical examination, which amounts to applying makeup to yourself or a subject.
  • Your practical examination needs to look just like the video. You take photos and send them in as proof.
  • 5 bridal and 5 celebrity makeup looks need to be done on yourself or the subject.

Is Makeup University worth buying?

Unfortunately a University of Makeup membership doesn’t come at a cheap price. If you want the “Full Makeup Course” you’ll need to shell out $249 USD, while the Full Makeup Course + Makeup Kit deal (contains everything you’ll need for the course) costs $599 USD. And as we’ve said before, the videos are not the most entertaining or highest production quality either.

Even still, one important thing worth mentioning in all of this is that the payments for the course are processed by PayPal: safe and fast payment system.

One more aspect that we haven’t covered yet is that people get 8 bonus ebooks along with the purchase of a Full Makeup Course. Seven of the ebooks cover additional makeup tips/tricks, while one of the ebooks is about losing weight.

So while we contend that the University of Makeup may not be the perfect product, the Full Makeup Course is definitely worth checking out: you’ll receive a tons of things with an order and the University of Makeup barely receives refund requests. Going further, you can also get discounts from their makeup store (30.000 products) if you do buy the Full Makeup Course.

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