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Herbs to Strengthen Immune System

Chamomile FlowerIf you have problems caused by weaker immune system or you are not in “full strength” or you are in winter’s melancholy mood, it’s time to reach for herbs and soon you will come back to natural balance.

Winter is time when you should take special care of your immune system. Big differences in temperatures may cause many infections and diseases. Using herbal mixtures, you can prevent diseases before they reach you.

If you have less energy and not “best mood” lately it’s a sign that you should use herbs and soon enough you will be full of life!

You can find everywhere advertisements of chemical substances to re-balance your body, vitamins in pills and other specifics. Now it’s time to come back to natural way of healing, because we finally realize – it’s the best and safest way for our body. Herbal infusions and tinctures can prevent many diseases or cure them, and it’s great because it’s natural method, with no chemicals! If you know how to use herbs, you will not have to wait long time for results.

Herbs can be used in many ways: strengthen your immune system, prevent from diseases or you can use them as a natural mood enhancers. That’s why herbal mixtures are recommended for people living in stress. Chamomile infusion or Melissa infusion can help you to relax and release the tension from your body.

Useful Herbs

Rosemary Herb
Used in healing baths due to it’s antirheumatic properties. As an infusion it stimulates digestion.

Vitamins in raspberry help strengthen immune system. As a fruit and leaves infusion it’s used in feverishness.

It has anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties. Chamomile infusion is great as a light herbal sleep remedy – thanks to it’s sedative effect.

If fever is going your way, use blackberry leaves and fever will go away.

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