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Ischaemic Heart Disease Prevention & Causes

Heart StethoscopeIt is hard to properly diagnose Ischaemic Heart Disease (IHD) in women. Even when you have breast pain, doctors often will connect it with hypochondria, neurosis or hysteria. That’s why you – by yourself should listen to your body, because your heart condition depends only on you. It is much easier to diagnose the heart disease if you are a man, because strong pain in chess it’s the main symptom, when it comes to woman – she may not feel even the pain and if she does, she often do not complain about it and it’s easy for her to ignore the symptoms. Please read about prevention and causes of Ischaemic Heart Disease.

Control Your Emotions

The risk of Ischaemic Heart Disease rises if your grandparents, parents or siblings had heart attack under age of 55. As it’s hard to change our genes (or impossible, opinions are different), it is easier to change lifestyle. It’s known that strong emotions are heart damaging and it’s obvious that we all are exposed to them. It’s hard to avoid them, but we can learn how to deal with them.

You can not be always perfect and you have to accept it. It is not bad to try hard to be perfect, but in trying to be perfect you have to gentle with yourself. There is nothing wrong if you make mistakes, but it is wrong if you blame yourself for everything – do not be too ambitious. Emotions that cumulate inside of you after each failure may cause many problems and they may lead you even to heart attack. Ask yourself – is “whatever” success more important than your health?

To release the stress really helpful is simple attitude – being friendly to everyone around and some peace and quiet at home. Listen to relaxing music and think about yoga practice – to relax your mind, release the tension from the muscles and to find the balance between mind, body and soul.

It is great also to do breathing exercise – seat down and simply focus on your breath – breath in, breath out… slowly, after several seconds you will feel relaxed but do not stop the exercise yet, practice it for minimum 5 minutes and feel the light inside of you.

Exercise on Daily Basis

Do not spend your days sitting, spending too many hours sitting may lead you to heart attack as well. It is often connected with overweight, which is not good for your heart.

Regular and moderate exercise is what your body and heart needs to be healthy. It is important to do exercise which makes you feel good. It is great to go for a 30 minutes walk, or even longer. If you have problems with motivation, you may think of buying a dog or adopt one and you will not have to worry about motivation. If you live in a building with elevator, choose stairs instead. Do you use public transportation when you go to work and back home? Maybe it’s worth to walk few bus stops on a way back?

There are many exercises you can choose from: biking, swimming, play ball or tennis, etc. Even do simple exercises watching television. Your heart will be thankful.

Good Diet

Excessive consumption of saturated fatty acids, which you can find mostly in meats are bad for your heart. It is important to not only limit meat consumption, but also consumption of fat cheese, butter and sour cream. Even small change in your diet may significantly reduce bad cholesterol in just several weeks.

It is vital to eat fruits and vegetables too. They contain micro-elements, such as: potassium which is needed for good heart condition. In lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, sunflower and beans you can find folic acid, which improves heart efficiency.

Consume whole grain products: whole wheat bread, pasta, brown rice. To salads add canola oil, which contains Omega-3 fatty acids (Omega-3 is great for eyes too) – you can find them also in fish, which you should try to eat 2-3 times per week.

Salt is an enemy of circulatory system. Excess of salt may cause higher blood pressure, salt can be found in meats and chips, not only as a stand alone product.

I hope you enjoyed our Ischaemic Heart Disease Prevention & Causes article, soon we will add new article, where we will talk more about our hearts and how to take care of it.

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