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Show Your Style Through Your Glasses

Stylish GlassesMany of us now wear glasses. With the increase in computer work more people have to resort to wearing a pair of glasses to aid their vision as they work. However wearing glasses is no longer a catalyst to be called “four eyes”. Glasses are now so stylish that some, non-wearing glasses people, wear empty frames in order to fit in with the current trends.

They have become an extra accessory along with your earrings, watches, necklaces, scarves etc etc. People are more commonly known to own more than one pair of glasses so they can fit them to their outfit, or even fit their outfit to their glasses. That is how stylish they have become. So stylish in fact, that designers such as Chanel and Prada are producing their own unique frames.

To find he correct style for you, you must consider what your current fashion style is. If you like the city look then opt for the chic thin and thick black rims or the slightly flicky shaped ones, and if your feeling very upper class why not go for a Chanel frame that has pearls on the side.

If the country look is more your style then large lenses in a thickish frame are high on the market and can make you look extremely retro; as can the cats eyes glasses shape. This is a frame that can suit most individual styles, and will really bring out your eyes. Making you look striking, individual and infectious all in one go.

Once you have found your style you can then start to match everything to your glasses. Why not make a statement about them? For example purchase a bright purple pair of glasses and wear them with nothing else but black. This will immediately draw attention to your beautiful glasses and tell the world you are proud of them.

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