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What is Mineral Makeup?

Mineral MakeupMineral makeup, popular still for not so long, they offer products in all makeup needs – you can find mineral shadows, powders and foundations and more. Mineral makeup products are often recommended by professional makeup artists, are they worth using? What is special about mineral makeups? Let’s take a look.

Why Use It

Mineral makeup gives color to your skin but they also offer your skin some treatment. They do contain some pigments of natural mineral, for example: mica, iron and zinc. Mineral makeups work great on ladies with skin problems.

It is recommended for allergic women, because it contains natural ingredients, that have soothing effect on complexion. Dermatologists recommend mineral makeup to hide skin redness and for atopic skin or after aesthetic treatments, for example: botox.

Ladies with oily or acne-prone skin will benefit from using mineral makeup as well, they do not block the pores and do not intensify oil production. They contain ingredients that absorb the excess of sebum and zinc oxide – good anti-inflammatory properties.

Mineral makeups provide very natural effect of smooth, lighten complexion – you just need to apply them properly.

If you want to just mattify your skin with powder – you should use makeup brush and very gently apply it (very small amount of powder). If you want to cover skin’s imperfections, apply cosmetic using latex sponge. Sponge can be delicately moistened with water. Shadows should be thinly applied, because they contain concentrated pigments, so the color will be intensified anyway.

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