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How to Use Sauna

Woman in SaunaIt will help you clean your body from toxins, improve blood flow and tissue nutrition and unblock your sebaceous glands – and more benefits of going to sauna. You will feel better and your skin will look better, enjoy smoother, better looking complexion. There are many benefits of sauna, read about some and directions for using sauna.

High temperature will also help you to lose some extra weight and for sure you will feel better right after – sauna stimulates hormones secretion, for example – endorphins, known as hormones of happiness.

Things You Have to Know

Before you’ll go to sauna, make sure you ate your last meal at least 2 hours before entering the room. Do not wear any metal jewelry and take a shower just before going into the room – it will help your skin in better purification process.

Do not wear any clothes, if it’s possible use underwear, wrap your body with cotton towel or simple swimsuit. When you enter the room, most probably that you will notice benches on different levels. At first, start with the lower level bench. Put a towel on the bench and sit or lay down, make sure you will not fall asleep when you lay down, if you think it might happen, choose sitting position instead. Do refresh your body in swimming pool or shower every 10-15 minutes of sauna session (do not jump to cold water right away, it may be very dangerous to your health).

After a shower or short swim, you can go for the higher bench, where is much warmer. Avoid daily sessions longer than one hour and do not forget to refresh your body during each session.

If you experience any of following sensations: higher heart rate, pain in the chest, dizziness, weakness; please finish the session immediately.

After each session, relax for a while and do not forget to drink water, remember that you lost a lot of water during the session.

We hope you enjoyed our post about sauna and benefits of it, please comment and tell us if you like sauna, what’s your experience, share any tips you have about saunas or anything else you think is worth sharing. Read also about types of saunas, if you are wondering which one to choose.

Sauna Tips
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