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Types of Saunas

Russian BanyaLet’s take a look on types of sauna, as they offer different benefits and you may fall in love with some of them, and still do not like other kinds. Temperature and humidity are the main differences between saunas, but also some other factors which are mentioned in each sauna type. Please enjoy the article about the types of saunas, we hope it will help you with your decision.

Dry Sauna: Called Finnish or Swedish Sauna

The temperature in this type of sauna may be between 65-120 Celsius, and the humidity is between 5-20%, while in apartments it’s between 30-55%.

The air in dry sauna is very dry, hot and it is hard to breath. Your body sweats a lot and the skin dries fast. Your skin is getting hot really fast and it feels like it’s burning.

It is not recommended to use dry sauna more than once a week

Wet Sauna

It’s kind of sauna where you are going to spend time in temperatures between 50-90 Celsius. During the session, hot stones are poured with water, producing steam and raising humidity to 25-40%.

It is easier to be in wet sauna than in dry sauna. If you do not like hot temperatures, you will like wet sauna more than dry sauna.

Steam Bath

In steam bath room the temperature is between 45-60 Celsius and the humidity is between 65-100% – that’s why you may feel like the temperature is higher but it is much easier to breath in steam bath room than in dry sauna.

Using steam bath brings relief to your upper respiratory disorders. Steam rooms can be used on daily basis.

Infrared Sauna

The temperature in this type of sauna is between 50-60 Celsius. Special devices emit infrared heat, which goes into the skin and warms the body. We sweat more in this type of sauna, because the heat goes deeper into the skin. Your body gets more intense detoxification process and you burn faster calories.

Far infrared sauna is recommended for people fighting with cellulite.

Herbal Sauna: Called Aromabath

It’s type of steam sauna, which connect the benefits of high temperatures and benefits of essential oils.

Temperature is this type of sauna is around 45 Celsius and humidity is not higher than 80%. Steam hydrates the skin and essential oils are relaxing and healing your body.

Barrel Sauna

The temperature is between 60-80 Celsius. Only your neck and parts of the body under the neck are being heated.

The session is 15-20 minutes long.

Banya: Russian Sauna

It may be compared with steam room, but the temperature is higher, and lower humidity. It reminds of a wooden house where stones are being heated and watered to produce heat. To cool the body, you can go into the pool with cold water or rub your body with the snow. During the session you drink a cap of herbal tea.

Very important element of banya is to massage (hit) your body with branches and leaves from special treas to warm the body, improve the circulation and… do not be afraid, it doesn’t cause the pain.

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