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What To Eat To Stay Healthy And Fit

Woman EatingIf you think it’s impossible to stay healthy and fit all the time, you are wrong! Our bodies are an excellent tools and if you take good care of it, you will stay healthy and fit all the time.

We just need to follow healthy routine, which includes: nourishing food, exercise and healthy lifestyle.

Let’s take a look on healthy eating habits each women should develop, to stay fit, healthy and happy. What sorts of foods your daily eating routine should include, how often to eat and I guess I don’t have to tell you how tasteful it is!

It’s important to acknowledge that we humans, we like to complain about food we eat (when it comes to a diet). We tend to think that “we have to” eat this food, not “we like this food, so we eat it”. So, if you want to stay healthy and fit and you will follow our guidelines and list of foods, enjoy every bite, every food and be just happy before next meal.

A List of Healthy Food To Include In Daily Diet

Our list will include fruits, vegetables, wine, salt and plenty of water. Have I mentioned about meat? No, well… just to let you know, because I’m sure some of you would never give up on meat (I like it too!), the list doesn’t include it, because it simply includes only things you really should include, we don’t say that you have to avoid other types of food. Remember, eating has to give you joy – important rule!

Vegetables and Fruits

to fight allergies and asthma

Dietitians recommend to eat around 500 grams vegetables and 300 grams of fruits on a daily basis. It’s important to distribute the amount for 5 meals – to constantly provide important nutrients for your body. Scientists say it decreases probability of allergies and asthma – especially important are Vitamins: C and E – great for your immune and respiratory systems.

Sources of Vitamin E and Vitamin C:

  • grapes
  • blueberries
  • tomatoes
  • citrus fruits

A Tip: Instead of eating fruits and vegetables, you can drink fresh squeezed juice.

2000 Calories

for great condition

It’s an average amount of energy, we need each day. To calculate needed amount of calories for your respiratory system and your internal organs to work properly we can do some math:

Women in age between 20-34 years old:
You multiply your weight (in kilos) and number 21.6
for example: 54 kg woman:
54*21.6=1166 calories

Women above 34 years old:
You multiply your weight (in kilos) and number 19.2
for example: 54 kg woman:
54*19.2=1036 calories

In addition to that, you need to add calories that your muscles will burn, for example: when you walk, work, etc. Office work absorbs around 500 calories, an hour of exercise around 250 calories.

So, if you are a office working woman in your thirties and you exercise a bit, your body will need not more than 2000 calories a day.

1/2 Teaspoon of Salt

for smooth complexion

When your body is well hydrated, wrinkles are smoother and your complexion radiates with color. Sodium helps to keep the moisture level in balance. Daily you need around 1-2 grams of salt – half a teaspoon (contains daily amount of sodium). Too much sodium in your body may cause osteoporosis and stomach cancer. That’s why the best is to use salt with lesser amount of sodium.

20 Grams of Fiber

to lower cholesterol

Fiber helps to lower the level of bad cholesterol LDL in your blood, it helps to remove bile acids in your digestion system and it lower the risk of atherosclerosis.

To provide sufficient amount of fiber, you can eat for example 0.5 glass of cooked soy beans + 0.5 glass of grean peas + 2 apples + orange.

You can read an article about pear fruit, also rich in fiber.

1 Glass of Wine

to improve libido

Substances in red wine help to expand blood vessels, providing better blood flow to your sexual organs. That’s why your appetite for sex grows and you have more pleasure from sex as well. It’s recommended to drink wine during the meal, preferably dinner.

Bowl of Green Vegetables

to strenghten blood vessels

Folic acid, Vitamin B9 is very important vitamin for a women. Daily you need around 0.4 mg. For pregnant women, it helps in prevention of nervous system defects in babies and generally it helps women to avoid heart problems.

What to eat? It’s recommended to eat on a daily basis, for example: 1 handful of spinach, head of lettuce or 0.5 broccoli

2 Liters of Water

for good mood

Needed amount of water if you don’t want to dehydrate your body. If you drink not enough of water, you may have headaches, dizziness and feel tired and be nervous. If you lead active lifestyle, it’s important to drink water with sufficient amount of minerals. They contains substances, we tend to lose while we sweat, like: magnesium, calcium and potassium. If you have stomach problems, drink non-carbonated natural water.

Please read a post about healthy lifestyle – where we talk about some health routines to follow on daily basis.

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