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Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Beautiful Woman WalkingIn one of our previous posts we talked about what to eat to stay healthy and fit.

Today ladies, we will talk about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, what to do each day to have beautiful and healthy body, stay in better mood and how to prevent common health problems by simply maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We will take a look how important is sufficient sleep, sun exposure and simple workout.

7 Hours of Sleep

for slim figure

Good rest at night, helps to keep beautiful figure, because growth hormone secretion is increased during the sleep. It helps to burn calories, but if you sleep not long enough – level of hunger hormone (ghrelin) is higher – that’s why it’s common to reach for fattening snacks.
If you sleep long enough, level of satiety hormone (leptin) is higher.

7 hours sleep has decreasing effect of potent risk of hypertension, atherosclerosis and diabetes. Doctors recommend to go to sleep before midnight, because it helps hormone secretion during the night.

30 Minutes of Sun

to prevent cancer

30 minutes walk in UV rays helps your skin to produce Vitamin D – in the same amount that you can find in 200 glasses of milk. Women who have more Vitamin D are in lower risk of breast and lung cancer than women who are less likely to spend time in the sun. Even sunscreens do not stop Vitamin D production.

30 Minutes Workout

for stronger heart

It is great to run or dance for 3 minutes a day. It’s the best way to prevent circulatory diseases. Remember that if you decide to dance, your movements should be more intense and your heart rate higher than during normal day activities.

In that way you will increase “good” cholesterol (HDL), decreasing the risk of future heart attack.

3 Kilometers Walk

to avoid varicose veins

Blood in your legs is circulating in a good manner when your calves and thighs are working. It is recommended to make them work harder for at least 30 minutes a day to prevent blood stasis in your veins. If you can – you should take 30 minutes walk during the day, or get of the bus and walk few bus stops (remember to keep good pace). If you prefer to use bike, it’s good to do 8-10 kilometers (10-12km/h).

Maintaining healthy lifestyle is harder at the beginning, that’s why it’s good to mark things to do in your calendar until it will become your routine. In passing time, you should enjoy each of the practice listed here, and remember that you can combine them, for example you can walk in the sun for 30 minutes.

Don’t forget to read our previous post: what to eat to stay healthy and fit.

Remember! Healthy lifestyle = better health, positive mood, happier life!

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